From the Typist: Caledon Glengarry Estate for Sale – Proceeds to Benefit RFL!

My Caledon RP has slowed to the point at which I can no longer justify maintaining so large an estate that I use so little. For that reason, I will entertain private offers for my Glengarry estate either in bulk or separately. Arrangements can be made to keep any structures or plants that you like. 90% of the proceeds will be donated to RFL. The other 10%, I will keep just to help me offset the original purchase cost. Send inquiries via notecard.

Here are the parcels:

Glengarry No. 5, currently occupied by a quaint schoolhouse

The rent is $475 Lindens per week for 234 prims.



Glengarry No. 3, currently occupied by a waterside orchard

The rent is $950L per week for 468 prims.



Glengarry No. 3 (must be a typo, but that’s what the meter says), currently occupied by my large manor house. This parcel offers access to the water as well as a stunning view of Steam Sky City!

The rent is $2,850L per week for 1404 prims.

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