Plot Summary and Cast of Characters

This page is to be updated as events proceed and as new characters make their presence known.

Plot Summary:

Episode the Second:

Following the unexpected “demise” (or, at least, demonically linked disappearance) of Mr. Plutonian, Palabra faces a new year full of new challenges.

Episode the First:

In an attempt to earn a living for herself and for her young ward, Miss Palabra Puddlegum opened a now defunct bookstore in Caledon Victoria City. In order to do so, she accepted a loan from a seemingly respectable businessman, Mr. Onyx Plutonian. Since that time, he has been revealed as half-demon and caused Miss Puddlegum nothing but trouble.

Currently, Mr. Plutonian seems to be brokering a marriage between himself and the unfortunate lady. Previously, Mr. Plutonian has forced Miss Puddlegum to wear an enchanted ring. This ring, he now attempts to frame as an engagement ring despite the fact that it forges an unwelcome psychic connection between Gordon, Mr. Plutonian’s maid, and Miss Puddlegum. In order to circumvent this connection, Miss Puddlegum often has recourse to opiates and strong drink. Mr. Plutonian has also flamed out over Miss Puddlegum’s recent attempts to pay him off and be free of him, which payments he now attempts to construe as a dowry. His designs against her are of long standing. Gordon, now Mr. Plutonian’s mechanical bondmaid, was once a respected tradesman and a potential suitor for Miss Puddlegum. Whatever Mr. Plutonian plans for the lady upon their marriage, this information proves that it has been his study to leave the lady destitute of all other financial support.

Angry and upset, Miss Puddlegum has turned to her friends for help. Once a powerful family from the magical land of Dee, this band of vampires and werewolves has suffered a recent falling out. Still, their ages and knowledge of supernatural creatures render them much needed allies.

In addition to her supernatural friends, Miss Puddlegum has enlisted the assistance of a military gentleman of unknown background and rank. Mr. MacBeth, for whom Miss Puddlegum’s feelings are not at all platonic, trains the lady in the art of self defense by modern weaponry and by hand-to-hand combat. Posing as merely her chauffeur at worst or her tenant at best, he sleeps in the carriage house and drives the lady to social events. Still relatively unknown to Mr. Plutonian, Mr. MacBeth is her protector and her first line of defense should the situation escalate to violence.

Recently, Mr. Ringo Robonaught has reappeared in Miss Puddlegum’s life. A close friend of her parents, Mr. Robonaught is like an uncle to her. He is now installed as a guest in her home. Unfortunately, Mr. Robonaught seems to have much in common with Mr. Plutonian, including magical ability, a penchant for the abuse of his subordinates, and the shape of a a large cat. He also appears to be developing lustful intentions toward his young charge. Skilled in sorcery and quick to anger, Mr. Robonaught is as likely to begin violence as he is to end it, but at least he is not afraid of the fray.

Finally, Miss Puddlegum seeks to undermine Mr. Plutonian’s organization from within. She befriends the maid, Gordon, in a conscious attempt to gain insight into the monster’s motives and methods. A true friendship and affection seems to be growing between the two, however, and Mr. Plutonian’s deplorable treatment of Gordon is a constant bone of contention between the two principal parties. Gordon’s ultimate allegiance remains unknown.

Sub-plots include the complicated family dynamics of the clan from Dee (one of whom may know of a way to remove the enchanted ring from Miss Puddlegum’s finger), the mysterious illness and parentage of Miss Ruby, the equally mysterious past of Mr. MacBeth, and the questionable intentions of Mr. Robonaught.

The Protagonist and her Allies:

  • Miss Palabra Puddlegum: A young and impoverished aristocrat; also, an accidental demon slayer.
  • Miss Mary Elizabeth Ruby: The ward of Miss Palabra Puddlegum; her parentage and past is a mystery.
  • Mr. MichaelNeff MacBeth: The love interest and personal trainer of Miss Palabra Puddlegum; his past is unknown except that he once owned an island the size of Austral.
  • Captain Danyell Wytchwood: The best friend of Miss Palabra Puddlegum; also, a werewolf.
  • Miss Meridiana Dragonash: A friend of Miss Palabra Puddlegum and the ex-partner of Captain Danyell Wytchwood; also, a vampire.
  • Mr. Antonio Wellesley: A friend of Miss Palabra Puddlegum, the partner of both Miss Meridiana Dragonash and Miss Morganna Spearsong, respectively; also, a vampire.
  • Miss Morganna Spearsong: A “frenemy” of Miss Palabra Puddlegum, the partner of Mr. Antonio Wellesley, and the cousin of Captain Danyell Wytchwood; also, a werewolf.
  • Mr. Ringo Robonaught: Miss Puddlegum’s so-called “uncle.”

The Antagonist and His Known Associates:

  • Mr. Onyx Plutonian: An unscrupulous lender and a white tiger; also, half-demon.
  • Gordon Soliel: Mr. Plutonian’s personal maid; also, a doll.
  • Miss Merricks: Mr. Plutonian’s personal secretary and a black panther.
  • The Dame Sans Merci: a mysterious drow employed to poison Miss Puddlegum’s tea and, via magic, to render her more susceptible to suggestion.
  • Wendyslippers Charisma: employed by Mr. Plutonian for the purpose of turning his subordinates into dolls; also a governess of the school of which Miss Puddlegum is Headmistress.

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