Chrono Clothiers: Victorian Vows

Hello from Real Life!

Some of you might notice that both Misses Palabra Puddlegum and Chrono Clothier have gone missing. Be not alarmed! As it happens, our shared typist has had the pleasure of appearing as a bridesmaid in not one, but TWO out-of-town weddings in the past three weeks. As a result, I am rather broke, so I am actually begging a little. PLEASE buy Chrono’s clothes so that Des can get his rent.

Begging aside, I actually have something new for you. In honor of the recent weddings of both my best friend and my little sister (*sniff*), I have created a lovely wedding gown for you. I call it Victorian Vows:

Victorian Vows is based on the partially mesh gown I designed in honor of Caledon’s 6th anniversary (only 3 of those left, by the by). This gown, however, features beautiful ivory lace and a sculpted top hat. As usual, I have released this gown at half-off the usual price, so buy it now for $299!

You may find it in-world or on my on-line store.

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