From the Typist: Fun with LoopRez

I love LoopRez!

LoopRez is an amazing script by Ged Larsen. It enables one to rez multiple prims grouped together in a neat little loop – hence the name. With a bit of tweaking, one can configure notecards that generate said looped prims in varying values along the standard x, y, and/or z axis.

What does that mean? Well, frankly my dear, it means that a script can generate tapered, ragged, or otherwise uneven skirts, collars, sleeves, cuffs, etc. No more moving all of those prims by hand!

Witness my quick and dirty screenshot of something that is in the process of becoming a jabot:

By the way, isn’t the LL noob avatar absolutely adorable? She’s the steampunk avie. I love her cute little figure, almond eyes, and pert nose. The skin is adorable, too.


Anyway, LoopRez allows one to configure all sorts of handy options. For instance, flare is a useful value. Umm…. the best way I can describe flare is to say that it controls the amount of starch in the crinoline. 🙂 The top layer of the collar, the stiffer prims that stick upward a bit, has a high flare value of 120 degrees. The lower layer, the flouncy jabot part, has a relatively low flare value of 40 degrees. Even more useful is the dropscript template. It’s a script that you drop into a separate, standalone prim. When you modify that standalone prim and then click it, the shape, size, flexibility, color, texture, and pretty much any other properties of the template prim are automagically applied to every prim in your loop. It’s one click texturing! One click flexi-fying! One click resizing! Honestly, this robust little LoopRez script is worth its weight in gold. Not only am I really having fun with it, but it is allowing me to create lovely flexi-prim parts that make me look far more talented than I am.

All right. I should attempt to get some shut-eye, as I’m having trouble sleeping tonight and it is – ye gads! – almost time for me to wake up.

Your Affectionate:


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