From the Typist: The S*it Shall Rise Again, or Antebellum Evacuation

Hello fellow Steamlanders!

Palabra’s typist here. My character is always yammering on and on about how much she enjoys what she calls “the new plumbing.” She’s a bit of a bathtub addict. Poor Matilda has to draw her a bath nearly every night before bed – and again when she comes home soaked in kraken guts. Today, I stumbled upon a little slideshow that reminds me of her. I thought I’d share it with you.

Behold the wonder: in Natchez, Mississippi, an authentic 1850s WC survives to this day. Intact and in one single piece of furniture, the Victorian era lavatory includes a bathtub, a commode, and even a shower. Minus the lime deposits, the shower head actually doesn’t look all that different from my contemporary stainless steel fixture. This is quite the, erm, throne room. The lovely custom woodwork actually puts my cheap tile, plastic, and linoleum bathroom to shame.

So go forth, Steampunks and Victorian era enthusiasts! Secure in the knowledge that wealthy Victorians did have access to a luxurious loo that bears a striking resemblance to our contemporary facilities, feel free to design grand mansions complete with toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Given the lack of sink, it appears as though wealthy Victorians didn’t feel the need to sanitize their hands after completing their business — so don’t forget to add a little dysentery to the cloud of miasma that might occasionally waft through.

Hmm… I wonder what they used for toilet paper.

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