Post-Dated: Saturday, September 24th, 1870

Dear Diary:

While I have been confined to my bed, I have found time to practice wielding the new weapon Danyell gave to me. Mr. MacBeth taught me the art of using my fists and feet to disarm a man. He trained me well in marksmanship. With my short dagger, I can be lethal. In the coming battle, however, Danyell assures me that such skills may prove inadequate.

By whatever name one calls the dark thing that crawled out of my attic rift, one certainly cannot call it natural. It may not even be physical. To fight a creature of spirit, Danyell says, one mus wield one’s own spirit against it.To this end, he has furnished me with a wand.

I admit to no small degree of skepticism. Magic portals, time traveling boxes, shape-shifting werewolves and more have I observed with my own keen eyes. Still, how can one small stick concentrate with will of one’s mind and the force of one’s soul in order to enact change in the world?

How it works remains a mystery.

That it works, I can no longer refute.

Well, the wand does something, at any rate. I’m not sure it works correctly. Or perhaps I do not use it well. Seldom is the effect exactly as I had desired. The first attempt resulted in a rather strange “blinking” effect. My intention had been to obscure myself from others’ view. Instead, the walls and decor of my house had appeared and disappeared at random. The charm lasted for nearly an hour! I thought I might burst before I could safely use the loo.

Just now, my bedroom floor is littered with feathers. How shall I excuse myself to poor Matilda?

“Apologies, Dearest. The pillow felt most uncooperative today. It did not levitate; it molted.”

That will hardly do!

Speaking of Matilda, I wonder where he has gone. Hmm… I must remember to scold him. These absences of his grow rather too frequent for my taste. What with the Triad lurking about. And something about a multi-tentacled beast, was it?

Oh! I believe the doctor approaches for my daily constitutional. Good day, Dear Diary! Duty calls.

Your Convalescent,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

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One Response to Post-Dated: Saturday, September 24th, 1870

  1. My dearest Miss Puddlegum,

    just returned after a long time away from LJ and SL and found your lovely post on my diary. I thank you for your kind words towards my now husband and me. I hope to be able to post more about our wedding and married life soon.

    In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying very much reading your adventures! Hope you get better soon to run around the Steamlands again.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs. McLaglen-Verne

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