Wenesday, August 10th, 1870

Dear Diary,

So much has happened – and so quickly! – that I hardly know how to begin to record it all. I suppose I should begin with Kylerra Lady Wytchwood. My friend, my neighbor, and practically my sister-in-law in that she is the wife of my best friend, dear Lady Wytchwood is someone whom I have come to both esteem and admire. I value her courage and her wit. I love her for loving Danyell so well. I see in her hints of the woman I once might have become. However often jealousy sometimes beats in my breast, I truly wish her nothing but joy. Today, my heart goes out to her. So do my prayers.

A few evenings ago, Danyell and I sat in a comfortable tete-a-tete regarding Mary, my long lost ward. He mentioned something about a fallen member of the pack. And something else about blood. From within my tearful haze, very little information of substance produced or retained any coherent, sensible thought. I heard only the words “Mary” and “alive” before my heart went into palpitations. Oh, Diary! Mary is alive! Danyell will find her. I know he will.

While I was thus overcome with emotion on behalf of my dear girl, Kylerra waddled into the room. Heavy with child, she plopped onto a chair and sat in relative silence. Oh, we exchanged pleasantries, I think. There was some shuffling of seats. And the ritual teasing of the Alpha, of course. But Kyl seemed unsteady. She perspired, I recall. Her gaze seemed rather unfixed. Still, I did not expect her to faint away!

My fingers curled around my smelling salts the moment my friend’s hair touched the floorboards, but someone else moved with even greater speed. Before I could attend the lady, Doctor Hyde burst through the double doors. I can’t fathom how he knew. If any of us cried out, that detail has been stricken from my usually too accurate memory. My only thought was to save Kylerra.

The doctor arrived to find a giant, armor-clad wolfman in the room with two ladies, one of whom lay unconscious on the floor. He immediately assumed the worst. I was forced to place my own body between the doctor’s revolver and the bulk of my best friend. I’d brought no weapon. I stood smaller by at least a head. Damn me if I knew what I thought to accomplish. It is well for all of us that Captain White Dana rushed into the room, transformed in full view of the good doctor, and knelt to assist Kyl.

Chaos ensued while the doctor and Dana worked to restore their lady. They took her to her bedroom, where she has remained ever since.

If leather and bindings can pray, please pray for my friend.

Your Faithful,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

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