From the Typist: Photostreams are Fun

Believe it or not, I don’t just RP when I’m in SL. I also sail. Please have a look at some of the fun photographs I’ve managed to capture during my adventures upon the high seas of the aethernets.

I’ve been using Kirsten’s Viewer. A recent LL-approved build of the official viewer caused me to crash so often as to make remaining in-world nearly impossible. Kirsten’s Viewer, with its highly customizable graphics settings, rescued me from the dreaded realm of Real Life. As an added bonus, Kirsten’s Viewer has also been so kind as to reignite my passion for SL photography. So far, I think the images that I capture in Kirsten’s Viewer are much clearer and more nuanced than the photos that I’ve captured in the official viewer.

A few examples appear below:

I am shipwrecked at the base of the lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth. (Kirsten's)

Sunset on an unknown sim. (LL)

I play the piano in a grand cathedral.

I play the piano in a grand cathedral. (LL)

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2 Responses to From the Typist: Photostreams are Fun

  1. Rhianon Jameson says:

    You have the most lovely photographs, Miss Puddlegum! I fear to fiddle with the settings too much, lest I overload my machine, so I never play with the water reflectivity options, for example.

  2. Thank you, Miss Jameson!

    Don’t be afraid. That’s the nice thing about Kirsten’s Viewer. The myriad of options lets you focus your machine’s resources on rendering only what you need. I almost always turn my flexi and physics settings all the way down, for example. I only use water reflectivity, sky settings, etc. when I’m outside and/or near water.

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