From the Typist: A Suprise Getaway

My apologies to anyone who wanted to rp with me over these past few days. My husband and I decided to embark upon a spontaneous romantic retreat that left us quite cut off from the world. I write about it here to heartily recommend our destination to any of my fellow Midwesterners who are sick to death of rain.

We stayed at the Indianapolis location of Sybaris Pool Suites. In addition to the usual hotel amenities, our villa contained an indoor, heated swimming pool complete with waterfall, a steam room, a jacuzzi tub, a massage chair, and a fireplace. Weather was no impediment to our enjoyment of the trip; indeed, we never needed to leave the villa! We did leave the villa, of course. We couldn’t possibly leave Indianapolis without seeing at least one or two of the sights. The point, though, is that the trip would have been a success even had we never set foot outside our villa.

Honestly, this typist rather likes the idea of not having to parade around in a swimsuit before the prying eyes of prettier strangers. The lack of sunlight it also a plus. I’m no vampire, but I suspect a long lost relation may have suffered from the affliction. I burn like the Dickens! Just ten minutes out in the sun renders my milky white complexion a patchwork of white hot blisters, dark freckles, and red skin. This resort took all of the embarrassment and pain of swimming away, leaving us with just the fun!

If anyone in the midwest is looking for a fun destination, be sure to try the Sybaris.

Affectionately Yours,

–The Typist–

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