Wednesday, July 28th, 1869

Dear Diary,

To clear my mind, which is weighed down with some rather grave personal matters with which I shall acquaint you soon, I spent the bulk of the day pursing my new photography hobby. I journeyed to the underwater workshop of a man named Captain Nemo. There, I delighted in exotic costuming, artistic poses, and multi-colored light filters until I produced the following compositions:

I slip and nearly fall in the eerie gloom.

I pose as a steam powered spider.

I pause to admire my belt whilst wandering through one of the underwater passages.

I repose within a giant copper gasket.

I balance precariously atop a half-finished mechanical wonder.

As you can see by the resulting photographs, I had quite the adventure today. I don’t believe I have ever climbed within or atop so many curious machines in my life!

There now, Diary. I have provided you with a happy entry. The rest can wait, for who can be upset or anxious after such an adventure?


–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

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