Sunday, July 18th, 1869

My Dear Diary,

Last night, I had honor of attending a knighting ceremony in Austral, that wild, new island to the south. Can you believe it? My dear friend, Captain Wytchwood, is now Captain Sir Danyell Wytchwood. Sir Danyell! How grand that sounds. I am very happy for him; indeed, I am. I felt my heart almost burst with pride when the Governor General awarded the honor.

Since Danyell was otherwise engaged with his new flame, Miss Kylerra Nayar, I was obliged to choose an escort. A lady does not attend so formal an event unescorted. I chose my friend, Captain Sir Ambrose Huddleston, due to his interest in the granting of titles and rank. He is a student of mine at the Association and has helped me with a few of the finer points in researching the placement of military ranks and civilian titles. Given his interest and expertise in the military, he may also provide a guest lecture for the Association. This particular captain seemed a rather fitting escort for this particular event, and I was pleased to attend on his arm.

The ceremony was held aboard a magnificent airship high above the island. The architecture of the airship, I was given to understand, was the invention of the first person to be knighted. How fitting! The lady chose beautiful metals for each and every panel of the ship. Even the runway lights looked amazing, being comprised of large luminescent tubes filled with some sort of light giving gas. I know not how she managed to keep the shift aloft and bestow it with such beauty, but is is truly one of the finest vessels of which I have had the honor of boarding.

Only a handful of distinguished guests attended, of which small number I felt pleased to be a part. Each of us dressed in our finest attire, prompting the GG to compliment us all prior to the first knighting. He moved quickly to the main event, choosing a lady for the first honors. I was very much gratified to find that in so untamed a place, the GG is progressive enough in his thinking to so openly acknowledge the gifts and potential of the fairer sex. Later came the GG’s own husband, whom he sweetly identified as his inspiration. Danyell and the others followed.

"Arise, Sir Danyell"

Captain Sir Danyell Wytchwood is knighted.

The formalities complete, the GG delighted us all with a breathtaking fireworks display.


Fireworks launched in honor of the knights.

Finally, the GG invited us all to engage in dancing and merriment befitting the newly honored guests. I danced with great fervor.

Dancing aboard the airship

I dance aboard the airship in completion of the night's festivities.

And so ended a delightful night, dear Diary.

Your elated,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

P.S. For my escort’s account of the evening, please peruse his log.

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