Monday, June 14th, 1864

Dear Diary,

My friends in Dee strive not only to help me, but to help themselves. I am not exactly clear on the particulars, as the contents of the conversation required me to imbibe a certain yellow liquid in order to shield my thoughts from Gordon. I seem to be drawing the poor dear to my side, but as long as he remains in the employ of Mr. Plutonian, he cannot be entirely trusted. I would choose to keep the identities and weaknesses of the majority of my friends secret from the maid’s foul master. As far as I am presently aware, Mr. P. only knows about the identity and true nature of Danyell. If a bit of physic can keep the creature in the dark, I do not think the attending discomfiture too high a price to pay.

Besides, the details of the conversations that I have had with my friends as of late are worrisome enough without adding my duplicitous trickster of a loan shark into the mix. You see, my dear Danyell often brings with him a companion named Matilda. She is a fairy and delights in sitting upon his shoulder. Long ago, it seems that my brave friend took upon himself the mission of freeing her from her captor, a powerful mage by the name of Lord Southmoure. This mage has been searching for my friend and may have found him, as he has been seen wandering about Dee and asking after Captain Wytchwood. Southmoure wants Danyell dead and Matilda returned to him. Judging by my friends’ obvious fears on this head as well as Danyell’s own contemplative silence, it seems obvious that Southmoure may succeed despite the power of the House.

Miss Dragonash has concocted a plan, but it is a dangerous plan that Mr. Wellesley cannot help but protest. It involves and angel and a demon, this demon a succubus. I am not certain of the particulars, but it would appear as though this demon long ago made a pact with Mr. Wellesley. His life is in danger from her as a result. Miss Dragonash would somehow engage the angel to limit the effects of the potency of the succubus. The hope is to employ the succubus in taking action against Southmoure, simultaneously gathering information about breaking this enchantment of Mr. P’s. When the succubus goes to take her promised reward of Mr. Wellesley, then, the angel can ensure that she does not go too far. According to Miss Dragonash, all will then be well. Mr. Wellesley, the captain, and I will all have our respective threats lifted and two dangerous supernaturals, a mage and a succubus, will be banished. If the plan should fail, Mr. Wellesley is content that his should be the only sacrifice in accordance with his foolish bargain, with the others of the House being remanded to the care of the Captain. No one very much likes this plan, as the risks are many, and yet we can see no other alternative when faced with the obligation of working under so many various and powerful threats.

My role in this would seem to be limited, as I have been assured that my bullets will not prove effective against any of these creatures. Zombies, kraken, and the like are not the same as mages and full-blooded hellspawn. My friends do ask for a meeting (unbeknownst to him, of course) with Mr. P., however, as well as a general introduction into good Caledon society. It seems that I have access to money and power that they, as superatural creatures from quite another realm, cannot so easily gain. I have no idea how my legitimacy, tenuous as it is after the death of my father, can help them, but I suppose I cannot but try. After all, my friends may need to flee to another land should this plan fail. Also, Miss Dragonash tells me that Lord Southmoure’s magics are not unlike those of Mr. Plutonian, and so she fears that the two may be in league or, at least, known to one another. If that is the case, we must at least render ourselves prepared.

Alas! Diary, I must depart. A matter of grave import draws me awa–

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