Tuesday, June 1st, 1869

Dear Diary,

On Sunday last, I finally enjoyed an evening during which I was permitted to remain at peace and at ease with myself and with those around me. My dear friend, Mr. EdBannon Solo, invited me to attend his nuptial ceremony.

The venue was breathtakingly beautiful, especially as the sun set over the water. Using my new photograph machine, I was able to capture a few images.

The wedding venue appeared especially romantic at sunset.

A view from the surrounding ponds and fountains.

The bridesmaids wore lovely gowns.

A solemn prayer ascends to Heaven.

After all was said and done, it proved to be a wonderful ceremony, indeed. At the reception, the couple announced an impending blessing — a welcome addition to their little family!


It should be wondered at that my return home coincided with a rather unpleasant nuptial revelation of my own. Gordon and I participated in one of our strange little aetheric communications by way of Mr. Plutonian’s damnable ring. During the course of the conversation, we discovered that Gordon had been courting a certain woman — or, rather, her father. His goal in the spice trade was not merely to make his fortune for fortune’s sake, but to earn the blessing of this father to court and marry his daughter. As it happened, the father was a baronet located in the Highlands. He was my father. This, it seems is how my parents proposed to provide for me, and the interference of a certain cat demon is the reason for which their plan failed.

It is not without concern that I receive this information. I know nothing of what Gordon was like prior to becoming the property of Mr. Plutonian. Perhaps he was a dashing gentleman. Perhaps he would have made a pleasant sort of husband. I find it more than curious that Mr. Plutonian has meddled with my once intended and now does so with me. I cannot fathom what his designs against us might be, but I entertain no doubts of their nefariousness. The man must be stopped! I shall apply again to my friends in Dee directly.

And so, dear Diary, I remain until next we meet —

You Wrongfully Spinsterish,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

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