Undated, April 1869

From an undated scrap:

“Dear Diary,

“My! How busy I’ve been! My first lecture proved successful. My store renovation is nearly complete. I have accepted a few poems for publication. I still feel that I have too much to do and too little time in which to accomplish it, but I must admit that progress is being made.

“In other news, my dear Mary has been invited to a tea with a Queen! What a wonderful opportunity this is for her. I must confess to a hint of motherly jealousy upon hearing Mary’s account of the Queen’s behavior toward her. Apparently, Her Majesty has taken a particular interest in the dear girl and wishes for her to associate with Her Majesty’s niece, Princess Ana. I cannot in good conscience deprive Mary of whatever a queen may be able to do for her merely because I feel guilty that I cannot do the same. No matter how much it pains my heart, I must do all that I can to further this acquaintance.

“Despite my fretting over the shop and the Queen, I pass my days quite happily. I have just renewed my acquaintance with the original Mr. Wytchwood, this being Mr. Billy Wytchwood.”

* Here, unfortunately, the page ends. I remember having written more, but I cannot seem to find it.

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