Friday, April 9, 1869

I am sick to death of demons. Truly, I fear for my life. I am beset by the inhuman monsters. The threat that Mr. Plutonian poses to my soul may at least be mitigated by my own actions. Should I remain true to my word, he can gain no power over me. As frightening as his golden gaze feels, I have a degree of power in the relationship.

With regard to the newest threat, I enjoy no such security. My tenuous friendship with Mr. Wytchwood and his partners acts as my only safeguard. His lupine cousin holds a particular position in their society, you see. She is something of a one-monster justice system. Currently, she has Danyell enduring her trials. Failure equals death. This same cousin, a red headed woman named Miss Spearsong, joined us at a recent get together at Mr. Wytchwood’s new residence. To say that she and I did not get along would be an understatement. She made several comments relating to my suitability as a snack. In return, I did not scruple to point out her lack of manners — or to assure her that any attempt made upon my life or the lives of my friend would not be met with passivity. By way of intimidation, I warned her of my prowess in defeating the air kraken. I doubt it worked, but what else was I to do? I refuse to cower before a savage.

Fortunately, human company has been much more agreeable as of late. At Tuesday night’s BBB, I met a charming writer gentleman named Mr. MichaelNeff MacBeth. He may soon be featured on one of my shelves. The next night, at the Blue Mermaid, I became better acquainted with Mr. Icarus Ghost. He is also a gentleman of literary leanings and even, dare I say it, I fan of the divine Miss Austen. Just last night, I further expanded my social circle at Prop Spinners’ Pub. I got on swimmingly with a woman named Miss Undine Collinson. We are both novice builders associated with the Builder’s Brewery. Although I invited Mr. Wytchwood, Miss Dragonash, and Mr. Wellesley to these events, I must own myself delighted to have spent so much time in such excellent human company as of late. The degree of separation that exists between my supernatural friends and myself pains me, to be certain, but I cannot help but feel slightly more comfortable when people of my kind are in the majority.

This all sounds rather boring, but it has been quite entertaining, I assure you.

Until I write again, Diary, I remain —

Your Social Adept,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

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