Wednesday, March 24, 1869

Dear Diary,

It is late (or, to be more accurate, early) and my eyelids feel heavy, so I hope this entry will be short. I simply could not resist the temptation to acquaint you with the progress I’ve made on the Grand Opening RPG. Eleven sites have signed up to host clues, advertisements have been placed, a group has been formed… it is all coming together! I think the event will be a lot of fun.

The coming weeks are sure to be busy. I’ve got to get some more merchandise on my shelves! It looks as though my first official meeting (for the RPG) will be held on Thursday. That will be a good test of my facilities’ capacities. Then, on this coming Monday, I teach my first class in the lecture hall. In fact, I have so much to do that I’d better make a list!

Given the outlay of funds required to start the RPG and my store, I think it likely that I may need to acquire a loan. I know a businessman, a Mr. Onyx Plutonian, who seems like a good sort of fellow. His properties on Thistle Hill routinely assist small shop owners in getting started. I don’t see why he wouldn’t help me, as well. He has, after all, called me a charming young lady.

Mr. Plutonium is an odd breed. He’s not exactly a Nekko, but certainly some sort of feline/human chimeric species of hominid. What creatures I meet! He’s a kind fellow and very active in the community. I sometimes see him at dances. I must admit that his feline appearance rather frightens me, but I’m sure that’s just my prejudice coming out again. I must work harder to suppress that side of me. I think I shall trust Mr. Plutonium. Who knows? Perhaps we shall even become friends.

My social network increases by leaps and bounds, lately. Having joined the Steelhead community and taken a small room in New Babbage, I find that I interact with a wider variety of people, now. I quite enjoy making new friends. Indeed, I feel as though I am starting to make a home here in the Steamlands. My neighbors have welcomed me with open arms. A young lady so alone in the world could not ask for more.

In other news, I am sad to report that the small, allied nation of Victoriana is disbanding. They have a peculiar government, sort of a Mayoral Monarchy in which the Mayor technically owns all of the land in the realm. For reasons unknown, he has recently decided to sell all of his holdings to a private interest called Linden Labs, thereby displacing his entire community. It is a sad day for the Steamlands. My only hope is that Victoriana refugees are able to find shelter in Caledon, New Babbage, Steelhead, and other Steamland nations. My heart bleeds for the people of Victoriana. What can be wrong with the world when nations crumble and cities tumble from the sky?

And on that sad note, I leave you so that I may cuddle up in my new bedchamber in New Babbage. Until I write again, I remain —

Your Overwhelmed,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

To Do:

* Write to Mr. Shang, Mr. Tenk, Miss Riel, and Miss Kenyon re: RGP.

* Write to Grim Bros. requesting full perm emitter.

* Meet with my RPG buddies to brainstorm clues.

* Write up a lesson plan for my Victorian Etiquette Class.

* Put a Calendar of Events up in my shop.

* Set up a group for my shop.

* Approach Mr. Plutonian for a loan.

* On Saturday, I need to meet with the Victorian Ladies’ Training Association.

* On Monday, I must teach my first class.

* Pay Mr. Pearse his final 10,000L by April 1.

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