Sunday, March 21, 1869

Dear Diary,

I have the most disturbing news to report. Steam Sky City was attacked during last week’s BBB dance! As you know, I am a regular at these dances. Although I cannot recall what kept me from attending this particular dance, I must own myself grateful to be safe. On the other hand, I regret my absence, as I wish to have been able to fight for my country. I am in the navy, after all.

Accounts of the destruction are harrowing, indeed. It is said that the vile perpetrators of this most unthinkable attack even managed to kidnap our dear Guv! Fortunately, the catgirls retrieved him before any harm could be done to his person. The same cannot be said for the city. While our forces fought bravely, with even common civilians shooting out of windows and the occasional dragon setting fire to enemy aircraft, much of our most famous technological wonder succumbed to the flames.

Our enemy is as of yet too cowardly to admit guilt. Perhaps that is because it knows that the whole of mighty Caledon will descend upon enemy shores with a vengeance. As things currently stand, I believe the catgirls are working to unmask the evildoers. When that happens, I expect a call to war. I fear for my life in the event of a war, and yet I am eager for revenge. I believe my loyalty to Caledon trumps my instinct for self-preservation. I truly wish to set fire to their entire nation so that it may take years to rebuild.

Yesterday, I wandered about Steam Sky City in order to see the effects of the attack for myself. Rebuilding is far from complete, but progress seems swift. Several of the shops remain open for business despite the mess of scaffolding and half-finished building projects surrounding them. My hope is that we will build the city to be even grander, so that victory might come from the ashes of destruction. Were I a more talented builder, I would donate a memorial statue. As I lack that talent, I only hope that some other well-intentioned soul will have the same idea.

Until the call to arms, then, I remain —

Your frustrated,

Ensign Palabra Puddlegum–

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