Sunday, March 7, 1869

Dear Diary,

Changes are afoot! I am pleased to announce an impending change of venue for my storefront. While I enjoy the relative closeness of Oxbridge Village to the university, I find both that I do not receive the traffic that I would like and that my prim count is rather limited. When Mr. Pearse’s Victoria City property became available, then, I jumped at the chance. In addition to a much higher prim count and a better traffic rating, this new lot also offers both waterfront and tunnel access! Mr. Pearse is graciously allowing me to keep the underground portion of the build intact. In time, I am certain that I will be able to build my own lair, but until that time, I am grateful for the lower rooms.

Let me see… ah, yes. The new location will be idea for the Victorian Lady Training Association, a new program being run by Miss Minako Masala. She has invited me to be a teacher. At present, the association is very new and run as a charity. Fortunately, Miss Masala does hope to provide a stipend as membership grows. Even more fortunately, I have already attracted a student. A young lady named Miss MaryElisabeth Ruby has already signed on as my pupil. My first class will deal with the importance of etiquette and manners and will feature readings from Evelina, Little Women, and The House of Mirth in order to trace the changing mores of the 19th century as well as to provide an indication of the consequences of breaking those mores.

Obviously, I have been hard at work on my store. I am scouting for a better storefront (while also fumbling with a clumsy build of my own). In the meantime, I am also working on another book. I have uploaded April, a short story of mine that won 1st runner up in an 1864 (*cough,* 2005, *cough*) writing contest. The cover appears as follows:

The short story is only 10 pages long, so I think it will be a good test of my ability to sell original fiction in my shop.

Although the ideas have yet to come to any kind of fruition, I have also hit upon two potential marketing/money-making tools. First, I would like to found a literary magazine in the tradition of the Victorian serial novel. A literary magazine will help me to spread out the cost of publishing over a period of time and will also be true to theme. Second, as a kick-off event, I would like to design an rpg similar to that of Mr. Tenk’s New Babbage Mystery of the 13. My friend Mr. Wytchwood once suggested an rp to me, so I may go to him for assistance in planning such a thing. I think it would be great fun and, moreover, an excellent way to introduce people to my shop.

While busily plotting all of these changes, it may seem as though I have lacked the time to amuse myself. This is not so; in fact, I attended two events just yesterday! First, I attended the grand opening of the Caledon Museum of Steam. Next, I attended a New Babbage lecture on the Mothers of Invention, the subject of which related to the inventions of 19th century women as well as their struggle to obtain the patents and rights to their inventions. I believe I may also have played a few rounds of shoot-the-zombie in New Toulouse.

And so, dear diary, it is in a rush of activity that I leave you so as to prepare for my move. I do, however, remain —

Your Devoted,

–Miss Palabra Puddlegum–

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