Wednesday, February 17, 1869

Dear Diary,

I apologize for my long absence. Suffice it to say that I have been very busy as of late. First, with regard to the mystery of the device that threatens a rift in space and time, I must admit to a standstill. My efforts to track down persons of interest in the case have proven woefully ineffectual. I find I must devise a new plan.

In the meantime, I am delighted to report progress in reaching my goal to open my bookstore. I printed an example book that is now displayed on the front desk of my shop, set out a welcome mat that supplies note cards and landmarks to each visitor, crafted a sign to hang above my door, and set out a tip jar inviting those who take advantage of the current complimentary services (public domain books and reading space) to contribute. I have already earned 18L in tips! I know that is a modest amount and certainly no profit when one considers the cost of printing even one sample book, but I am excited merely to have earned anything at this early juncture.

While I am thus addressing the subject of excitement, I must not forget to mention my most recent adventure. I participated in the Caledon Games! My event of choice was the Air Kraken Hunt. Unskilled and unpracticed as I am, my performance proved unsatisfactory to say the least. Not only did I not manage to slay even a single monster, but one even knocked me out of the air so that I landed in my own front lawn! One need not succeed in an endeavor to take pleasure in participation, however, and so I feel no shame in my loss. The experience thrilled me to the core. Furthermore, immense entertainment and suspense were to be found merely in spectating, as several aircraft caught fire and forced their pilots to eject. Until next year, I look forward to honing my skills at Caledon Liberty, over which island an Air Kraken is known to reside.

That, dear diary, is a summary of my recent activities. As you can plainly see, no idle hands are these. Furthermore, I am pleased to report better restraint with regard to my morals. Although I did attend a Mardi Gras party, my involvement in public activities shied away from pubs and burlesque halls in favor of more tasteful venues. With regard to the gentlemen, my behavior has been equally restrained. I do worry about dear Mr. Wytchwood, who has been absent as of late, but to worry for the welfare of a friend is not the same as to set one’s cap at him. Indeed, by my recent maidenly and virtuous behavior, I think it obvious to all that I harbor designs on no man. I shall set myself up in business by the sweat of my brow; indeed, I shall!  This is my fondest wish. After all, although I may be a spinster, a life filled with hard work and good friends leaves little room for loneliness.

On that happy note, I take your leave, my dear friend. Until I write again, I remain —

Your Ever-Industrious Friend,

Miss Palabra Puddlegum

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